Michael Bollea is the alpha and omega of music.  He is the ultimate collector, sensitive to the souls of those who made the records, forever keeping them in the hearts and souls of music lovers.  When artists, writers, record companies, and collectors need to find the ultimate vault of historical music, they know to call Mike Bollea.


        ---- Tony Orlando, Entertainer








Hi, this is Ralph Tavares of the group TAVARES.  Mike Bollea is more than just a disc-jockey.  He is what we call, in the business, a connoisseur of music.  A true historian who not only can play it, but knows the who, what, how, and where it all began.  It is difficult to describe and original.  When you employ Mike, it is like bringing a network of instruments, singers, composers, songwriters, and musicians to the music table.


        --- Ralph Tavares, Performer

            Award Winning Group, TAVARES



Michael and I go back almost 18 years.  During that time Michael has always conducted himself in a professional manner.  Michael isn't just a DJ.  He has on many occasions served as party host, car show host, and performed other duties needed with an event.


As an event producer I have the nickname "perfectionist," of which I am very proud.  Working with Michael is like being a golfer working with his caddy. Michael keeps me on target.


Why would I hire Michael over and over again?  Very simply because .. he's the best!


        --- Paul Mennett, President

            Cruisin' New England Productions, Inc.



Over the years we have enjoyed Michael's experience as an, "Awesome Entertainer," whose history of music and performance has captured thousands of people.  Such treasured memories have been brought to many lives.  Michael has accomplished perfection of live entertainment to his public.  His knowledge of the music he plays is phenomenal, plus the history and facts about the artists he plays truly adds to his entertainment.  Mike's own personality and voice makes him a real joy to listen to, add to this his colorful jackets and it truly makes him an entertainer not just a person that plays music.  If you are searching for excellent entertainment for your function or formal social event, Michael is the person for your memories.  Memories will never fade away! 


        --- Dennis and Roslyn Pitts



Professional, dependable, and entertaining are just a few words to describe DJ Mike.  Mike has been entertaining guests for a lifetime with his compassion and remarkable knowledge of music.  Whether he's dj'ing for thousands at a local casino, volunteering for his children's grammar school dance or entertaining for weddings and private functions, Mike is a natural.  You can be confident that your event will be successful and trouble free if Mike is involved.


          --- Gary and Gloria Santos




Mike has many songs, from many genres that he loves - but there is not one type of music that he likes more than another.  After over 30 years of playing other people's favorite songs at gigs, for him, whatever song is making people dance is his favorite song of the moment.  Happiness to Mike is a full dance floor!  His reward is satisfying the most discriminating customers with a successful event.  He plans well enough ahead to cover the needs, desires, and complications associated with performing in different venues.  Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate gala, private function, anniversary party, prom, or theme party, Mike will breathe magic into your event for an unforgettable time.  From start to finish he is incredibly professional and helpful.  The song choices and the way he gets everybody in the  "Party Mode," has everybody raving about him.


     ---- Eddie and Lynette Tilton



There are disc jockeys and there are disc jockeys with a "capital DJ"  Michael Bollea, owner, DJ/ MC of Mike's Music Machine is just that person.  Very few professionals go far beyond their job title.  They are artists in their field.  It is not enough to bring music to your celebration.  Fun, excitement and the dedication to make your special occasion unforgettable is #1 on his list.  Mike also brings his knowledge of music, many years of experience, and last, but not least, his heart and soul with him to every job.  As a guest at a wedding where Mike performed I can say, we have never had so much fun.  We have attended many celebrations over the years and were very impressed with his professionalism.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mike because I know he would do a job I would be proud of!


        --- Ann S. Kostka,  Owner

            Cakes by Ann's Place