Hiring a Wedding DJ



This subject is very important.  Here, more than ever, the saying, "You get what you pay for," comes to mind.  I am not trying to imply that you are guaranteed the best time only if you spend thousands of dollars, nor am I saying that the guy who will work 6 hours for $250 won't do a great job.  However, when you consider that the average wedding today costs between $15,000 and $40,000, in most cases, the quality of the party and the time had by you and your guests centers on the entertainment.  Most people buy the dress and the jewelry, pick the perfect venue, taste the food and cake before making a decision on the perfect menu, hire a photographer and videographer, then they think about the entertainment.  Try to recall the last few weddings you attended, unless there was something which stood out about those other items, how much can you honestly recall outside of whether or not you were entertained and had a good time. When you set a budget for entertainment, you should consider what your goal is for that day.  If it is to have a fun and memorable time, finding the right DJ and perhaps paying a bit more will help make the difference between a good time and a not so good time.  If you hire a DJ who is not the right fit for your special day it can become very unremarkable, or very memorable for the wrong reasons.  I believe that if you read my testimonials and see the variety of work I have done you will have confidence in me to provide you and your guests with a very memorable and enjoyable party.  To this day I will run into people whose wedding or other big event I DJ'd years prior and they will talk about the great time they had.  This, to me, is the reinforcement I need to keep going and entertaining.  I will tell you right off that, if you are looking for a wedding DJ who brings props, such as blow up guitars, costumes for your guests, instruments for everyone, etc. that is not me and I would be the wrong person for the job.  I do not feel the need to rely on these things to make your party a success.  Also, one of my pet peeves is the cookie cutter approach to weddings.  There are certain DJs who play the same song list, in the same order for every wedding or event they do.  This is not something you will experience with me, as I work with the bride and groom to unlock their musical preferences, combined with reading the crowd, to make the party work.


We can provide services for any of the following:

Birthday Parties

Car Shows
Cruise Nights
Holiday Parties

Cook outs
Night Clubs

Corporate Events

Class Reunions
Theme Parties




Pricing is something which is difficult to discuss online as it varies so much by venue, distance I must travel, the length of time performing, etc. Please call so that we may discuss your needs and I can give you a more exact price.  Please know that I understand that you work hard for your money and it is not something I take lightly and I will work equally as hard to please you and your guests.  

Though the majority of my work is now private events, I did work for many years in private nightclubs and do continue to work at annual car shows.  I would love the opportunity to be back in a setting where I am regularly playing for the public and am open to discussing package pricing for a more consistent schedule.  Again, please call me with your needs and we can discuss pricing.  

I do believe in giving back to the community and have done many fund raisers in my time, and I do entertain all serious requests, however, since this is my business it is not feasible to satisfy every request.  Discount rates may be available for non-profit organizations and fundraisers.